Mirror suite in Gdańsk

Luxury apartment in which mirrors were used in four ways. Someone would ask why? Having an area of about 30m2 at our disposal, we managed to design all living zones (including a separate bedroom) keeping class, elegance and style. Mirrors and surfaces in gloss varnish optically enlarge the space and are the success of this interior. They were made in the kitchen in the form of a beveled mirror brick (on two walls), in the bedroom on the wall crowning the bed (in one large
pane), in the bathroom fulfilling a classic function and in the shape of stripes interrupted by MDF board on each wardrobe - thanks to this you can't see them at all those are wardrobes! The whole interior is completed with the iconic copper colour lighting of the well-known brand TOM DIXON and the Dutch floral wallpaper by ELLE. The door to the bathroom is hidden behind the silhouette of Zeus, which is beautifully mirrored in the mirror tiles on the kitchen wall. In the bathroom, you will find a decoration made of natural moss and shower glass illuminated in green. And all this on the mentioned 30m2.