HAT STOP - Shop with hats in Warsaw

The shop with hats, and more precisely headgears and a small department of clothing in the form of leather jackets, is a place in Warsaw Powiśle. The product in the form of hats, especially of the STETSON brand, was to become the main colour accent. To present the product, we have created decorative recess in the walls, made of molding (also the flex type). The middle part, for only 4 pieces of headgear, is to contain new and most expensive pieces of the collection. The entire store
was based on burgundy colours, both in terms of the colour of the paint and the clinker brick used in a decorative way. Thanks to the wood and "washed" colors, we are able to reflect the VINTAGE atmosphere accompanying the STETSON cowboy brand. The store has been designed with the possibility of changing the settings of internal furniture (in the middle of the store) at any time. This is to enable the customer to sell any type of assortment in the future.

photo. Yassen Hristov