Femminen apartment OLIVA

Welcome to the space created for successful women over 40. This apartment exudes elegance and comfort, perfectly suited to the personality of its owner. The main goal of this project was to create a luxurious and at the same time cozy place to live.

The relaxation area is the heart of this apartment. A large sofa in shades of pink velvet ensures comfortable rest, and high-quality floral wallpapers add delicacy and charm to the entire space.

Marble and wood are the main materials that give elegance and sophistication to the interior. It is especially worth noting the TV wall, where marble and wood create an eye-catching combination.

Gold accessories are a key element of the decor, adding nobility and prestige to the entire space. They are visible both in accents and in the bathroom, which creates a harmonious whole.

The bathroom is a place of relaxation and relaxation. In the shower there is an elegant bench made of mosaic, referring to the hammam tradition, which adds character and originality to the entire space.

To sum up, this apartment is a combination of luxury, comfort and subtle charm. The use of pink velvet, floral wallpapers, marble, wood and gold accessories creates a harmonious and elegant space, perfectly reflecting the owner's personality and lifestyle.