A family apartment in Gdynia

Another eclectic project in our portfolio. A place where typical Scandinavia meets with a touch of glitz and modernity (especially in the bedroom and bathrooms). It is a family apartment, warm and full of love and smile. The living space is a bright interior with turquoise decorations that can be easily replaced in the future with a different shade (curtains, pillows). From the beginning the intention was to create two separate, completely different bathrooms. Bathrooms of "Princess" for 3 girls in the house, and "bathrooms of the man of the house". Fortunately, our princesses are not typical, they have taste and the bathroom has not become a pink kingdom, but stylish room with stylized bathtub legs, beautiful mosaics and decorative tiles make it a typically feminine character. The men's zone is a dark bathroom with a "barber" style shower. The parents' bedroom is a mix of both climates. A darker atmosphere with the addition of a beautiful "feminine" wallpaper in shades of gray. The whole interior could be created quickly and practically without major changes in the project thanks to the great taste of our customers!