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Gdańsk-Garnizon; Leśmiana Street


As one of the few designing and decorating interiors companies in Poland, we have our own, finished in premium quality and equipped with the latest technologies, 87m2 SHOW APARTMENT, within walking distance from our studio.


What will you see?

  • the quality of finishing works by the team of Paweł Zaucha - RADAR
  • examples of carpentry work, ideas for cabinets fronts and other custom-made furniture
  • thin kitchen worktops made of NEOLITH quartz sinters
  • an economical smart home based on the FIBARO system
  • beveled mirrors and other glass projects
  • neatly placed large format wallpapers
  • tunnel air conditioning with a central unit
  • and many other furniture and products that we have been using for years in interior design

How can we help you?

  • make orders both beneficial and of good quality products at favorable prices for your investment
  • finish the apartment according to our design, by a construction team that has been working with us for many years
  • make carpentry in premium (hotel) quality
  • make upholstered, stone, sintered, steel, glass and mirror elements - all to order
  • take care of the entire process of building the apartment
  • perform author's supervisions and control meetings at the construction site
  • be a real help when some elements of the project change, eg due to the unavailability of the materials
  • we can make curtains and decorations (cushions, covers) in cooperation with reliable suppliers



2h A DAY


200H During the whole process

Along the project you contact only 3 people


Why us and our contractors?

  • all of us have been creating interiors in premium quality for years
  • we have been working together for years and have a highly successfull project record
  • we know each other inside out what means that we solve problems ourselves so not to bother you
  • we handle any awkward or impossible situation in a good mood
  • the carpenter Krzysztof and the contractor Paweł are in our office several times a week and treat it as their second home; they are always up to date with your project
  • we make a well-coordinated team, we have no delays and we keep up with time



12 years of designing premium interior for both private and business investors. Comprehensive care from the first sketch to hanging the last lamp in the room. Good communication and understanding of customer needs.




RADAR Company by Paweł Zaucha 20 years of experience in creating interiors in Poland and abroad, patience and perfection. Paweł has already made all
types of difficult and time-consuming finishes of our design. He respects the material and is not afraid of challenges.


Krzysztof Otrębski- OTRĘBSKI FURNITURE He deals with carpentry from the beginning of his working career. Krzysztof has his own workshop With modern technology machines where he makes premium quality furniture for us.

A very patient contractor with a knack for presenting every piece of your furniture.

''How much will it cost?'', ''Why so expensive''

from 4500 zł/m2 for projects above 60 m2

MOVE IN KEY READY - The given price summarizes the cost of the finishing team's work,  all materials, carpentry and catalog furniture  as well as household appliances/electronics, often including lamps and carpets.


Many companies give lower cost, taking into account only the materials for the floors + kitchenette. This is very deceptive.


I am your guardian angel and we work together in Excel - you control the final costs yourself!

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